Selected Works


The pictures here proposed are mainly taken from reportage carried out by myself during many years as an independent press photographer. They are report photographs, pictures taken everywhere: in large cities and small towns, inside homes, in social centers, within institutions. They are portraits of social and political aggregation that reveal memories of places, people and experience in which I was both professionally and humanly involved. These are pictures which are part of an archive, mile-stones of a professional career of these last fifty years. Reportage carried out in numerous countries and moments in history: Europe, Africa, many trips to Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sarajevo under siege depicted in its daily drama, to the utmost attention given to voluntary service and finally the discovery of China and South America.
Different stories that however have a common denominator such as highlight marginal realities: the immigrant community in Italy and Europe, life in urban fringes, solidarity networks, the drama of the abandoned elderlies; the complexity of juvenile problems, the associations that help re-locate disabled people, up until the psychiatric matter observed during its evolution- from the closing down of mental hospitals to the experiences carried out at mental health centres in Puglia.
These photographs represent many micro-stories, journey notes, considerations that I hope will become a mean to understand how the world is undertaking changes with regards to tradition, work, everyday life. Above all, I hope these pictures will help us remember and understand different voices and places which are present outside, but also live inside us.

Uliano Lucas